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Crafts to do with your kids...

I started "make a mess Monday" in my home when Little Man was around two years old. He was VERY particular about having sticky hands. He wouldn't touch play dough, and all outdoor activity stopped if he had a little dirt on his hands. I hoped that it wasn't my clean freak attitude rubbing off on him, so I decided I needed a time and place to throw all thoughts of clean out the window. It was a time to get down and dirty.

"make a mess Monday" projects have included things such as: Paper Mache, feet painting, outdoor water art, treasure box construction, and even textured felt mosaics.

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On Parenting...

I'm by no means a perfect parent, but I am "learning on the job" as I raise my two young sons. I read books, pick up tips here & there and observe what works best for my family/ kids. If you're interested in reading a few of my parenting tips, please click the photo below.