Customer Testimonials

Commissioned work:

Birth Announcements (65 announcements)
"We were all impressed by the style and presentation as well. I know they were much appreciated. I still have one on my refrigerator!"
-Michael (baby's uncle)

"The birth announcement that Margaret created was a bright, cheerful and simple way for our family to share the wonderful news of our child's arrival. We appreciated her stylistic and professional approach to creating a delightful card and keepsake which we could easily share with our family and friends."
- Kristi (baby's mother)

January 2010 Wedding Invites (125 Invitations)
"Margaret, Thanks so much for your gift of doing the invites they look Great!" -Melanie (mother of the groom)

"The invitations that were designed and created by Margaret were some of the best I've seen. She was able to take our ideas & budget and produce a product that was far beyond our expectations!"
-Aaron (groom)

 Housewarming Invitations (40 Invites)
"You did such a great job on these. Thank you so much. It was so wonderful to just tell you that I needed and not have to worry about it. I had so much else to do to get the house ready that this was just a stress. All I had to do was tell you that I needed house warming invites and you made them better than I could have advised. Thanks!"

 Upcycled Brown Curtains

"Thanks Margaret. The curtains are perfect, exactly what I had in my mind. The room looks wonderful and my kids love it. And yes...I do not have to deal with blinds and my kids pulling on to them anymore..yayyy!"

"Thank you so much, we both appreciate it! We have gotten sooooo many comments on the photos, people love the way they turned out!! And of course, we love them too! I am glad that you were willing to take our engagement photos, it was great working with you!"    - Kassie