Monday, July 3, 2017

Refinished old school desks

Our basement had a bit of a flood when I tried to fill the pool for the summer. Needless to say our house is in upheaval and half our stuff is in the garage. Meanwhile I thought I'd paint stuff I've been meaning to paint for a while now. We got these two old school desks for free or very little money a couple of years ago. At the time I thought how cool it would be to paint them, but never got around to it. UNTIL NOW!!

I had the boys wash their desk and then we went to the store to pick out paint colors. Not exactly the colors I would have chosen but its their personal homework desk so I said "whatever you want". We sanded the deck and chair of one desk because it was real wood. I decided to cover the wood and wait to stain it till after all the paint was on the metal. Then it was a lot of spraying and waiting... more spraying and more waiting.

I had a limed oak stain (which is white stain) left over from another project yet to be blogged about so we used that on the wood. I love the white with the vibrant colors. I put at least three coats of poly over the top of the stain to make it really smooth and durable.

The other desk had a laminate desk top which we washed but left alone, a wooden chair seat and a plastic back. I decided to just stray paint the wood seat and the plastic back to match each other and the inside of the desk. I'm not loving the desk top color but on the whole it looks better than it did.

 I love how the desk turned out. More importantly the boys both are thrilled with their "new" desks.

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