Monday, July 10, 2017

From Rack to Open Wardrobe

I worked at a school this past year and it was so much fun. At the end of the year all the teachers were organizing their rooms and cleaning things out. One item that was up for grabs was from the Kindergarten teacher I worked with. It was a rack she didn't need anymore. I grabbed for my sister initially. My sister is amazing at looking at something and seeing its full potential. She didn't want it for anything but maybe a garage sale clothes rack. Then it hit me how I could use it for all my clothes. Our closet/ drawer system isn't working for me and I needed a change.

Here's how the rack looked after I sprayed it black. 

Then I started thinking about more storage... like shoes. Where can I hide those (not that I have too many). A box! I grabbed some 1/2 inch birch plywood from the garage stash and started constructing a box that would rest on the two lower bar supports.

I stained it in a limed oak stain, which is pretty much a white stain, but I loved it next to the black metal. The two side pieces to keep it from tipping off were a bit tricky but it worked with the bar up the middle. Here it is empty... we're waiting for new carpet so ignore the bare cement floors pictured.

Then I went to the container store (love that place!) to buy a few bins to organize it all. I think this is most of my clothes and all my shoes (you can't even guess where they're hiding- but they are there).

I'm so excited to have everything all in one place. Of course there are a few boxes with my winter/ seasonal things put away for the summer, but I'm happy to keep things simple. Too many clothes and I'd be lost for what to wear. These are all the pieces I wear constantly/ daily and have no need for much more than this.

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