Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Baby's Cloud Hat

Last month I started working on a pair of baby mittens for a baby shower gift. The yarn was so super soft and the color was beautiful. I used this pattern and they turned out wonderful.

After the mittens were finished I decided to make a matching baby hat. Scrolling through the thousands of choices that are available online I decided to combine a few different patterns to make it my own. Plus I really wanted to try something a little different than just a stripe (like I did on the mittens). I began with a piece of graph paper to see my design and stitch count.

I was terribly scared to begin and I actually ripped it out once because it was too tight. I also wasn't doing the stranding every few stitches, so the backside of my knitting looked awful. The second time I kept the floating yarn super loose and did more stranding to contain the floats. It looked way nicer. I'm very pleased with the results.

This is the Pattern that I wrote down. (it might not be 100% complete)

Baby Cloud Hat Pattern 
size 3 months to 6 months
US size 4 double pointed needles

Cast On 96 stitches
divide evenly on three needles and join for working in the round
*K4, P4* for 12 rounds
Knit in the round for 17 rounds
Knit cloud pattern for the next 10 rounds (catch the floating yarn every 5-6 stitches and keep the floats loose)
Knit till the hat measures 5" from cast on
Start Decrease:
Place a marker every 12 stitches
Decrease round: * K to 2 stitches before the marker, K2tog repeat from * to beginning of round
Plain round:  Knit all stitches
Alternate a decrease round with a plain round until there are only 6-8 stitches left (K2Tog) 3-4 times, move the last stitches to one needle and work icord for 3-4 inches. Cast off, weave in ends and tie knot in icord.

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