Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mittens for Me

Okay Long story short... I bought one beautiful skein of yarn when I was visiting my cousin in January 2016. I a bunch of ideas what I could do with it but for the life of me could not decide. Then as the cooler weather of fall approached I started looking at mitten patterns. The yarn was so pretty and expensive(!) that I didn't want to mess it up or not love the finished project.

Having just finished my niece's toddler mittens I thought I could pull these off and started by using this pattern. I modified it right away because I wanted a small stitch. So instead of size 7 needles I used US 4.

Because I have bigger hands I kept modifying the pattern. Thankfully I made lots of notes because I love how they turned out. And because the yarn is 100% merino wool they are nice and warm. Also very soft and cozy too. I've worn them all winter (which is why they're a little dirty looking in the photos). I finally got around to taking pictures last week.

I also did not like how the pattern I started with finished the finger and thumb. So I used more of this pattern to finish the mittens.

All in all I LOVE my new(er) mittens. I hope to make another pair for next year but they'll be double layered for those really cold Minnesota days.

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