Saturday, November 5, 2016

Toddler Mittens...

I started these in September for my Niece's birthday present. I hoped they wouldn't take too long as her birthday was actually in the month of September. All too often life happens and knitting gets put on the back burner. Well I picked them up again this week and was able to finish them. Hooray and Happy belated birthday to my Niece who can now wear them before it snows.

I used a modified version of this pattern: the Margot Mittens on Ravelry

My first attempt was a bit too small and the thumb was way too skinny & long. So I looked at this pattern to help me adjust it ever so slightly to make the corrections: Grammy's Mittens on Ravelry

The cord is just an i-cord and I picked up stitches from the first glove to start it and then cast on stitches for the second glove so that it was one continuous strand of yard. Hopefully it's strong enough not to break at the hands of my niece.

Now to try them on her and hope they actually fit this time!

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