Monday, August 22, 2016

A scrunchy hat

I love making things for people. My kids are usually the recipients of my handmade goodies. But my husband has been saying he'd love for me to knit him a hat. I love that he would wear something made by me, even if my projects occasionally turn out a little quirky.

My husband's not one to take pictures and this hat has been down for a while now, so I asked my son if he wouldn't mind modeling it for me so I could blog about it.

I know my husband would have eventually and he is actually excited to wear it once the weather turns a little colder.

He asked for a scrunchy hat. I wasn't sure I knew exactly what he wanted, so we looked at pictures until I got the idea. Then he was patient enough for me to measure and test it out on his head several times before getting it just the right size.

I didn't follow a pattern but made it up as I went. I'm glad it actually looks lovely and didn't end up with any quirks. 

Here's what I wrote down for my pattern. I used a 16" circular needle, US size 4

-Cast on 176 stitches
-Create 44 ribs: *K4 P4* repeat ribbing pattern in the round till it measures 1 1/2" from cast on
-Knit all rounds till it measures 8 1/2" from cast on
-Start Decrease: place four markers equally (every 44 stitches)
K next round to 2 stitches before the first Beginning of Round (BOR) marker
        Round one: *K2 together, slip marker, SSK- knit to 2 stitches before next maker*
        Round two: Knit round until 2 stitches before BOR marker

-Repeat Round one & two decrease. Switch to double pointed needles when needed. Continue decrease till 6 stitches between each marker remain. K2 together every round till only 8 stitches remain total. Cut tail and finish.

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