Monday, January 4, 2016

Blank Books for school

I go into my kids school about once a week to help out in various classrooms. I enjoy helping the teachers with projects they have: cutting, organizing, sorting things. My son's teacher from last year has become a good friend of mine and I probably help her out the most. She had me organizing her paper cupboard one day and I found a bunch of colorful paper. It had printing on half the sheet so it was no longer a blank sheet. It was getting close to Christmas so I asked if I could take the paper home to make each of her students books as a present. She said that would be perfect because they would soon be writing their own stories.

I started folding and sorting the books right away. After a weekend of hand sewing them together, I had 25 colorful books to give back to the class. I love these easy handmade story books and can't wait to see some of the stories the kids fill them with.

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