Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scrappy Hat

I started to knit a sweater in October. It was on size 4 needles, which take forever to make progress. I finally made it to the armpits (knitting from the top down) and decided I better try it on to see if it fit right. NOPE... it was a little too small and had made a pretty big mistake reading the pattern. Time to give up... for now.

To make myself feel better, I grabbed all my chunky yarn and a set of big size 13 needles. I whipped a colorful pointy Elf Hat in just a few hours. Whew- something completed. That always feels nice.


I personally didn't love it, but my son told me it was "the best hat in the whole world!". We decided to give it to his art teacher at school for her little boy. She loved it and that makes me happy.

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