Monday, December 7, 2015

Colorful Pants...

Last post about my cousins fabric... promise. I just couldn't send her a package with a bunch of stuff of her youngest without finding at least one thing to make for her oldest. Since he and my oldest are only a year apart and close to the same size, I knew what size to make. I had to make what fabric I did have large enough to cut out the pattern, which is why there's extra wide "pin strips" down the sides of the pants. But I kind of really like them that way.

I made sure to add pockets for him, cause colorful pants need fun pockets. 

Then I asked my son to try them on. They're big on him, so I'm hoping they'll be just right for my cousin's oldest. I love the colors and the super comfy flannel fabric. Here's to fun, bold, exciting new Pants.

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