Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pow: a hoodie or two...

I recently found this cute Hoodie Pattern on Pinterest. I really want to make one with this exact fabric, but I'm trying to use up my Fabric stash before running out to get more. So I used what I had on hand to try the pattern out. First I made a Hoodie for my cousin's youngest who loves trains.

I followed the pattern to make it a size 2-3. Of course, I had no three year old to try it on to see if it fit, so I ran to the neighbors house to steal one of her kids. It fit perfectly, so cute. But then I forgot to take a picture. So I grabbed my almost 6 year old and asked him to try it on. I was shocked to see that it fit him pretty well- except the sleeves were a little short. I'm excited that my cousins son will be able to grow into and wear this hoodie for a while. 

Since my youngest had tried it on, he asked if he could have one "just like this one". I didn't have enough of the train fabric so I grabbed some grey knit fabric in my stash. I had to alter the pattern to be bigger (size 7-8) so that it fit him. Of course once the hoodie was done, he didn't like it. Thankfully, my older son did! I threw it on one day before school and I got these fun photos of him in it... smiling a REAL smile, instead of his fake ones.

Who doesn't love a good comic sound effect print inside their hoodie?!

Now I'm excited to have the pattern ready whenever I feel like making more.

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