Monday, November 2, 2015

Organizing the art piles

Last Spring when my oldest was finishing first grade, there'd been a lot of worksheets & art projects that had come home over the course of the year. Each day when he came home from school, he'd empty his folder and I'd dump the worksheets and artwork into a box. After a year with both him and his younger brother bringing papers home, the box was nearly overflowing. I recently started organizing it all, attempting to keep some of each of their work, and trying to part with the rest.

I started by sorting out the worksheets from the artwork. That got the pile down quite a bit. Then I started looking at their artwork and thinking what was best to save and which pieces I wasn't as attached to. Again, that helped cut the piles in half (almost). It's still a lot, but it's far more manageable.

Now then, I needed to find a way to store those treasures nicely. Good old Pinterest to the rescue. I found pretty labels, just the right kind of art box to store things in and a way to organize memories & school photos. Awesome!

It's so nice to have it all in one place now. Especially when they never stop creating fun art pieces.

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