Monday, November 23, 2015

My youngest is off to Kindergarten

With my youngest off to all day kindergarten, I have a lot more time on my hands. I like to go into the school to help teachers out with their misc projects so they can focus on the kids or getting home at a decent time. Some of their projects involve a little craftiness. But mostly it's my stay at home days where I can really get crafting. I've even been able to finish a whole project, start to finish, before kids get off the bus in the afternoons. Exciting.

Here's a few I've finished lately. All the fabric I recieved from my cousin and I decided to make stuff to send back to her. First up a train Pillow since her youngest REALLY loves trains.

Then I made a fun blue flannel color block pillow. Here's the front and the back sides (same pillow).

It's always nice to have a few gift bags or bags to collect random kids stuff into. So I made two adorable raccoon bags. One to send to my cousin and one to keep for myself (cause it really is too cute).

A bigger Train gift bag or toy storage solution.

Another couple short fat gift bags... They're an easy project what can I say. (The orange bag is from my fabric stash, just couldn't resist making a few extra bags for myself while I was crafting).

And a couple train Pj pants with fun knee patches. I totally hope her son LOVES them as much or more than I do.

I made a few more things with the Fabric my cousin gave me... but I'll share those another day.

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