Monday, November 30, 2015

A Train Backpack

Another project from the fabric my cousin gave me. I wanted to use the fabric for stuff to send back to her. It's free crafting time for me and fun gifts to send back to her- a win, win in my book!

Since I figured her two year old didn't need a hundred Pj Pants, I'd make a little Backpack out of the train fabric. I didn't feel like making a front pocket for this one, mostly because I haven't liked how they've turned out in the past. So I stayed pretty simple with the design. The backpack might be a little big on a two year old, but at least it's not too small. I paid my kindergartner to model it for me to see the size on him.

The inside is a robot/ train fabric. 

I think the straps are a little long and I didn't end up making them adjustable. I'm awfully excited about how cute it is. I just hope it fits him and is functional as well.

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