Monday, October 26, 2015

Projects for a Wedding

My cousin got married in the middle of September and I'm just now posting pictures of a few projects I did for her Wedding. My oldest was asked to be her junior groomsmen and she wanted the guys in jeans. My son does not prefer to wear jeans but compromised for her. One: because he'd do anything for her and two: she said he could wear something pink (which just happens to be his favorite color right now). So I made him a pair of suspenders and a little coral bow tie.

Then I heard the ring bearer would love a pair of suspenders and a bow tie to match. Of course, I couldn't refuse making another little man handsomer. So a blue pair was also made. Aren't the two of them adorable!

My cousin and her new husband enjoy fishing year round. She had heard someone else's ring bearer walked down the aisle with a fishing rod and wanted to make one for her nephew, the ring bearer. Unfortunately, she ran out of time and was going to shelf that idea. When I heard that, I told her I'd make it for her and I'm so excited I did because it turned out fantastic. The wooden rod really works too.

Loved seeing this little guy walking down the aisle with it over his shoulder. So cool!

photo credit: Ben Berndt photography

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