Thursday, May 14, 2015

Other Little Free Library Projects

There were a few other fun projects I did to add a bit of charm to our new Little Free Library. Both projects I found ideas on pinterest and they involved working with cement. One was cement letters that would spell out the word books. The DIY instructions I followed are written out here.

I think they turned out pretty neat. Though I don't think I mixed the cement all too well. The letters had far more small rocks and weren't as wet as the stuff in glass bowl. 

The next project was to make a cement ball using a glass ball. The instructions are here. Pretty simple: find a glass bowl (My sister had a huge 12" glass bowl from her wedding center pieces that she let me buy from her.), fill it with concrete, wait for it to dry and then break the glass bowl. Super fun breaking the glass and seeing the end result!

The reason for the cement ball? I used it for the leg of a reading stool. That big wooden circle is from my other sisters kitchen remodel a few years ago. They took out their corner cabinets lazy susan thing. Somehow it made its way to my parents house and lucky for me, I got to put it to good use in their front tree.

There were two circle pieces of that cabinet and I put the other one higher in the tree as another spot to sit. My boys and all my parents grandchildren should have years of fun in this big tree at their grandparents house. 

And now with the Little Free Library out front they make terrific spots to sit and read a good book.

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