Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Gnome Door

I've been wanted to make a Gnome door for our front tree for a long time. I finally made the time to start the project. I worked on it in short bursts while the boys were distracted or asleep. I didn't want them to know I made it. I grabbed a piece of 1x3 pine scrap wood and used a hand saw to cut grooves to look like wood planks. I painted it yellow one day, adding the blue "hinges" when the yellow was dry.

Then one Friday afternoon while both boys were at school I started installation. I screwed it into the tree and glued some bark to the top and sides to make it look more finished.

I had more paint some I painted blue dots on the wood around the tree- just cause it looked cool.

I figured the Gnomes wouldn't move into the neighborhood without bringing a gift of the neighborhood kids. I bought a few suckers to place near the door and then waited for the Little Misters to come home. They were pretty excited to find the suckers and then tried to open the door. I told them it was probably locked. I love adding a little magic to my kids childhoods. 

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