Monday, February 2, 2015

Lots of Pajama Pants...

My sister had this super fun Fishy fabric she had bought a long time ago. I told her it was probably enough to make Pj pants for her son. She didn't have the time so I said I'd take it home and make them for her. SO I did and they turned out adorable.

And once I make one pair of Pajama pants... well I just can't help making more. I went out and bought this awesome viking fabric and made a pair for my husband for Christmas. Is it a bit worrisome that he and I have roughly the same size waist? nah, took the guess work out of how big to make them and hem them. 

At an after Christmas sale I picked up this fantastic fox flannel fabric for half price. I made a pair for myself for about $16. They make me happy... such a fun, soft fabric.

AND this dog flannel for my younger son who always ends up with his brothers hand-me-downs. I feel bad he doesn't get too many new things. He got this new pair of comfy pants for about $4. He picked out the dot fabric from my stash for the pockets and I think it is a vibrant combination.

I suppose I really should make my older son a pair of his own and then the whole family would have new pajama pants. And believe me when I say we pretty much live in comfy pants at our house.

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