Monday, February 9, 2015

Knit Baby Pants...

I pinned this adorable pair of knit baby pants sometime in December. Thank goodness my son drew his cousin (my four month old niece) for the gift exchange. I ran out to the store to buy the yarn and needles, which was just at the gift spending limit, whew. Then spent the next two weeks knitting as fast and as long as my hands could take. I finished the pants about 10 minutes before everyone arrived to celebrate Christmas Eve where we'd exchange the gifts. Wow, talk about cutting it close.

I decided to knit the pattern in the 6-9 month size as my niece is four months. Thankfully she still fits them and maybe she'll get a little use out of them before she grows too big.

The pattern was a bit long in the waist/ body, I may have started calling them "armpit pants". When she put them on, they do ride a little higher than need be. But they're super adorable.

I knit these with the size 2mm needles the pattern called for. My first time ever using a needle smaller than a size 7. Wow... lets just say going from a size 13 needle (for all those elf hats) down to a size 2 was quite the change. I guess I never realize how long it takes to knit something so tiny. Though it was worth it and I loved the challenge.

On Christmas Morning I heard that my friend had giving birth to her new daughter and I thought "I know what I'm going to make her". More baby leggings. I bought a striped purple yarn the day after Christmas and started working on them. I finish them and a little scalloped infant hat in two weeks.

Thankfully her was still tiny enough to fit the hat. The pants are 6-9 months so she should be able to wear them in the fall. 

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Yes little needles take a long time but they make such beautiful items. You do a wonderful job!