Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gift Bags

I really liked making all those Christmas gift bags and love not having to keep wrapping paper around the house. I received a gift card to my favorite fabric store as a Christmas gift. When I went to spend it, I found their holiday fabrics were 50% off. So I grabbed one half yard of this fun stuff.

Yup I turned it into a larger gift bag. It got used for a gift and then I put it away in my holiday storage box till next year. I think it's going to be exciting to forget that it's in there and find it again next year just waiting to be used year after year! I might have to pick up holiday fabric each year when it goes on sale to make a nice collection of holiday gift bags for our family. Maybe a stack of fabric gift bags would be a great gift for someone else as well!

Since this is my year to use up fabric that's been sitting in my stash far too long, I decided I could just keep making more...

AND more... of all shapes and sizes.

Don't they look so pretty? I can't wait for birthdays and celebrations to give them away with the gift inside.

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