Friday, January 9, 2015

Upcycled Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas Eve I started thinking about all the presents for my Little Misters I had to wrap. It wasn't a ton of stuff but I had no wrapping paper. I've been trying to avoid buying it, as it seems kind of wasteful. The last few years I've been using things I had around the house: brown packaging paper from amazon deliveries, tin foil, tissue paper, etc. This year, spur of the moment Christmas Eve morning, I plopped my boys in front of the claymation Rudolph movie and decided to sew gift bags. I had an old pair of PJ pants that I'd worn a hole in the knee, but I had saved them instead of tossing them. Don't ask me why I saved them, just seemed like I could eventually re purpose them. So I finally did.

I started by cutting off the lower legs. The cuff was already sewn and the side seams I left as is. I just had to turn it inside out to sew the cut edge together and I had two bags.

The top part of the PJ's had enough material for two more bags. I even took the tie ribbon out to use to decorate the gifts. 

Since I had more gifts to wrap than just four, I started pulling out more fabric from my stash. Stuff I'd been holding onto forever but hadn't used. I'm pretty happy to have made a good sized dent in my fabric stash. I was getting tired of storing all that fabric without have a purpose for it. 

When I put my Christmas stuff away for the year, these gift bags and ribbons went into the storage box all ready for next year. Hooray for upcycling and "going green".

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