Monday, January 26, 2015

New Library Bag

I decided it's time to stop hording fabric and deplete my stash. I have a few favorites that I've used for other things and have the scraps in my stash but wouldn't let myself use them for a project knowing once its gone, that's it- no more favorite fabric.

Then it hit me, why am I saving it, hiding it away so no one can see it. I need to make more stuff out of it if I love it. It makes me happy to see my favorite fabrics, why not be happy everyday seeing it in use?!

So I did it. I used it up. My lumberjack fabric that makes me smile. I made a new library bag with it and a new favorite of mine- these viking ships. Hooray for a new bag and smiles!

I even put a clip on the inside so I could safely hook my keys to the bag without losing them inside it.

Other things I've made with this lumberjack fabric: PJ pants for both Little Misters and a pillowcase just for me.

PS. if you're interested in making a bag and don't know how to start- here's an excellent video to walk you through a simple bag. A video by Dana at

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