Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Knit Slippers

Several years ago my twin sister brought me a pair of slippers from Iceland. They're the best slippers I've ever owned because they don't make my feet super hot and sweaty. Recently, I wore a hole in the heel on the bottom of the slippers and had to figure out how to darn them back together. Which got me thinking, I should figure out how to make a new pair for when these ones eventually are beyond repair.


I looked online for knitting patterns but couldn't find a slipper pattern like mine. I decided to try my hand at recreating a pattern. It was a lot of counting and guessing but I had to try. My first attempt wasn't looking to promising... they were going to be too small for my feet. Who should walk in to see me crying over my failure but my son. He's always curious about what I make and if its for him. Then I realized I had to finish them to see if they'd fit little feet.

Sure enough they fit his feet almost perfectly. Score for him and the pattern wasn't a complete waste of my time. Hooray!

When Little Brother saw that big brother was getting a pair of slippers there was a lot of "hey, that's not fair!". Till I mentioned- "I have enough yarn to make you a pair too, what color do you want?".

He picked out yellow and they had to have a blue toe. I wasn't sure about his color choices but when they were finished I liked his better than the first pair. Sweet.

Now I just have to adjust the pattern a little bit more and test it to see if I can make a pair that will fit me. That was my initial goal after all.

At least the Little Misters ended up thrilled with their new slippers. They were even more excited about them when they discovered that the slippers slide on our hardwood floors even better than socks. 


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