Monday, December 1, 2014

Animal Masks Galore

About a month ago, a friend of mine mentioned she was going to host a craft sale at her house. I knew I wanted to join in and sell some of my crafts too but what to make. Upon telling my husband, he immediately said "you could make those animal masks". Perfect! 

About this time last year I was making Felt Animal masks. I made about 17 masks and gave all but a few away as gifts. My Little Misters use their quite frequently and I love that they are washing machine friendly. 

I went to the craft store to buy my supplies and got started. I had about four weeks to cut, stitch and sew all the masks together. Last week I put the finishing touches on my 90th animal mask (90! I still can't believe I made ninety). These adorable 20 masks (below) will be for my own Little Misters to pick and choose from. Every single mask I made they were begging to keep, so I figure its only fair they get a bunch of new ones for their dress up box.

These other 70 masks will be for sale at my friends upcoming Craft Sale on Friday. This Friday! I'm so excited to see them all go to new homes, even if it will be a little hard to say goodbye. They're just too cute!

Seventy animal masks... that's a lot of fun in one pile. 

The hippo and parrot might be my absolute favorites. Which animal would you choose to be?

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