Sunday, November 16, 2014

the Eagles have landed

Neither of my boys could figure out what they wanted to be for Halloween this year. I believe they changed their minds about 50 times or more. I was hoping one of them could be convinced to dress up as a griffin using the lion costume I made last year. I just needed to make a pair of eagle wings. So two days before the 31st, I ran to the craft store. That was a bad idea- it was CROWDED. After a crazy long wait to get things cut and paid for, we made it home to start crafting.

I made a template and then cut the felt. I wanted the wings to be easy and fun. I think we got it right.

So I made a second pair of wings. 

Then I used some white fleece to make a eagle head hood. Living in Minnesota, Halloween evening can get down right chilly. These hoods were perfect for keeping everyone warm while trick or treating.

I still had a little felt left over from the 1/2 yard of felt, which was just enough for some tail feathers and eagle masks. 

These two were so excited for the new dress up costumes they easily decided to be eagles for Halloween. Actually one was an eagle, the other decided his costume was a peregrine falcon.

Too bad the Griffin didn't make an appearance for the holiday, but I'm hopeful I will see it in the future now that we have these wings and accessories in our dress up box.  

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