Monday, May 5, 2014

Make a Mess Monday: Tinkering Table

The Little Misters and I love being outside. I started thinking of all the fun things we'll be able to do this summer and then what kinds of new things to add to that list. One thing I've been meaning to do is gather supplies and tools for the boys to build random stuff. So one afternoon last week I gathered up a bunch of my tools that weren't being used and wouldn't be missed to put in a tinkering toolbox. Then we went on a hunt to find scraps of material that could be made into whatever their imaginations can think of.

We found screws, nuts, hooks, nails and washers...

A saw, wood pieces, plastic canvas scraps, egg crates, screw driver, hammers, scissors, paint and brushes... (As always, I tell my Little Misters that these are tools for helping complete a project, not toys to play with. they will need to ask permission and help with some of the tools.)

PVC pipe connections and pieces, zips ties of various lengths and LOTS of duct tape.  It all fits into a big tub that we can carry from the front yard to the back or where ever we decide to tinker.

After more than an hour of hard work, here's the first tinkering toys that were created. This one does "everything" my six year old told me.

I'm super excited to see what they come up with and they are super happy & proud to be able to make their own "toys"!

What would you or your kids make if they had all these supplies?

Tip: if you're not a DIY person and have no scrap piles or extra tools, ask an elderly neighbor or relative. Dig through the recycling for random objects. Find a remodel contractor in your area and ask for a few scraps from their job sites. Some stores like Home depot, Menards or Lowes have discount wood bins with scraps for less than a couple bucks.

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