Sunday, April 27, 2014


All the wear & tear of life the last few months have been a little harder juggle. Laundry, cleaning, waiting for the snow to melt have been my daily tasks. Not to mention all the holes that are continually appearing in my little misters pants. My husband had the brilliant idea of cutting the bottoms off of all their pj pants and turning them into shorts. Problem solved, now we've got plenty of summer pjs.

Their jeans needed a different solution, since we already have plenty of shorts. I would like to be able to hand down the larger size jeans to my younger son in the Fall so I needed to fix the holes somehow. I've tried the iron on patches, some times they work but recently they've all been coming off after a few washes. (maybe I got a bad batch or didn't follow the directions to the letter). At the fabric store I bought this heat n bond, fray check and a 1/4 of a yard of denim.

Here's a look at just some of the holes we have...

After a little cutting, fray checking, and ironing, I had the knees patched on the inside of the jeans.

Turning them right side out, you can see it closed the hole and will hopefully strengthen the knees that looked close to tearing.

And several pairs later, these jeans were ready to be played in again.

There's still more to patch but I'm going to see how the heat n bond holds up in multiple washes.

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