Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lego Mini-figure display case

If you have Little People who live in your home, you might have a few Legos here & there. One toy that gets played with every single day in our home are those small colorful building blocks. We haven't spent a lot of time or money "organizing" the actual bricks yet, but we have sectioned out the mini-figures pieces.

My Little Misters LOVE putting together mini-figure mismatched guys. Some of them are very entertaining. I thought it'd be fun to build a display case that they could show off and change out some of their favorite guys.

I found this black shadow box frame on sale at Michaels. I took the glass out of the front so it would be open. A trip to the Lego store was next to get a bunch of the four nubbed white square blocks. 30 bricks for the 30 people who all fit nicely in the 11x14 inch frame.

I had to look through my wood scraps to find a piece of 3/8" MDF (or particle board) to attach the lego bricks to. I wanted to make sure the bricks didn't pop off. The MDF board was perfect because it was stiff, had a smooth surface and took the applied white semi-gloss spray paint really well.

My boys are extremely happy and have been changing their guys out all day today. I love the new "art" on the walls. I have a second one that I'm making (one for each of the boys) and I'm trying a slightly different method to see which will stand the test of time. 

The two methods I tried for attaching the Lego Bricks. Both ways seem to work, but have not yet been heavily kid tested.

(1) I cut 3M command strips to fit on the side of the lego brick. It's like thick double sided tape. I thought if I used the tape- I could eventually take the bricks off the backing board. The bricks stick nicely, but are a little wiggly.

(2) the second frame, I used super glue on the legos to attach them. The bricks are stiff and the mini-figures go on & off these bricks a lot easier than with the tape.

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