Thursday, January 2, 2014

Super Hero PJ's

My son knows all the superheros, which is interesting to me since I know very few and have never told him about them. My husband also has not shared too much about them with our oldest. But he's a curious dude and asks anyone and everyone a million questions till he finds the information he wants. Not that we've outlawed superheros from our house, we've just tried to keep commercialism to a minimum.

The other day while shopping for elastic to finish the lumberjack pajama pants I saw this vintage comic book fabric. It screamed "buy me, buy me... you know who will LOVE it". Knowing how much he already knows about Spiderman, the Hulk and others, I bought a yard to make another pair of PJ's for Little Man.

I was just finishing them when Little Man walked off the school bus and through the front door. I told him I was making him a pair of pants, and asked what he thought. He beamed his bright smile at me, said he was excited to try them on and gave me a HUGE hug & kiss when he said "THANK YOU for making these for me!". What more can I ask, it made my day to be so unexpectedly appreciated.

The best part was a few days later when visiting his Grandma. He pulled his superhero pants on and showed them to her. His words were "my mom doesn't typically buy this kind of fabric, but she made these for me".

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