Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bikes and Lumberjacks

Remember when I told you about the little crush I had on these lumberjacks? Well, I had some left over after making my sons new PJ pants. I wondered if I should save it forever or use it somehow, but what to make?! Then I stumbled upon this color block pillow case tutorial.

Instead of solid colors, the lumberjacks got paired up next to another all time favorite fabric of mine, these bikes.  This would be pretty awesome in the boy's room, or maybe even for a father's day gift... but I'm going to be super selfish and keep it for myself!! I need a new pillowcase, one that makes me happy every time I cuddle up to sleep.

I cut my fabric 35" x 19" for both colored fabrics. I sewed the long sides together with a straight stitch, then a zig-zag stitch and ironed both of those seams flat (see the color block tutorial for photo instructions).

Then I turned the tube of fabric right side out and adjusted it so I got a little of each fabric on both sides. Iron the whole thing flat, making sure to crease the top and bottom edge of the pillow case (you won't need to sew these edges). Turn wrong side out and sew one end closed with a straight stitch and zig-zag stitch. Now turn right side out (last time I promise), turn the unfinished edge under 1/2" and iron. Then turn that edge under about 5" and iron again. Now stitch that edge, I stitched it with three lines about 1/4" apart because I liked the finished look it gives.

Fantastic, now I'm going to lay on back and have some sweet dreams about bike riding Lumberjacks!

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