Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lumberjack PJ pants

I got a new pattern for Christmas (the parsley pant pattern by Rae). I was so excited I splurged on the cutest lumberjack fabric ever! I think I have a small crush on these adorable lumberjacks.

Using this pattern, I was able to quickly put together two pairs of pajama pants. I made them both in a size 7, but hemmed the white pair several inches shorter for my younger son. Around the waist he and my oldest are about the same size, only length of leg vary between my boys.

The pattern shows different pocket options as well as knee pads. I'm fixing pants right and left with ripped knees, so I was certain I'd add these cute knee pads now rather than later.

I couldn't wait to give these to my Little Misters on Christmas eve so they can wear them Christmas morning.

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Kimberly from Joyful Roots said...

Oh my gosh! These are so adorable! I absolutely love what you did with m y fabric! Thanks so much for sharing. xo