Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monsters not allowed

My two Little Misters (ages almost 4 and almost 6) have become increasingly afraid of the dark. Technically it's the shadows the dark and their young imaginations can create. So the other night before bed I wrote a handwritten note to all monsters and shadows telling them to stay out of our house. The visual evidence of a note hanging on our front door somehow put their fears to rest.

They occasionally still talk about seeing a monster or a shadow in the house but reassure themselves that the note is still on our front door. Interesting how a bit of paper and ink can make them feel so secure.

I recently updated our sign, making it more professional looking (just in case some monsters couldn't read my handwriting). If you have unwelcome monsters who visit your own home, please feel free to download and print this sign. For personal use only, thank you and ENJOY!

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