Friday, November 1, 2013

Knight Costumes

Outfitting our small army sometimes takes a little creativity.

The Little Misters colored their own cardboard shields and we turned ice cream buckets into tin foil Helmets.

Found a couple of foam swords at the dollar store.

I made both tunics out of one yard of canvas, 3/8 yard of brown flannel and three packages of cotton bias tape. Pounded the grommets on the sides and added a leather string to tie it together.

It didn't take much for them to assume their new Knightly characters. 

Sword fighting is a definite must.

Don't mind the modern jeans and footwear... we're not hundred percent historically accurate. We just use our imaginations.

I was thankful for the warm Wallaby sweaters I recently finished looked like chain mail. The Little One went trick or treating in his Knight costume. The older decided he was going as the wolf, so last minute I made a wolf mask (pictures coming soon).

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