Friday, October 18, 2013

Wonderful Wallaby Pattern...

I bought this pattern more than two years ago. It's been sitting around collecting dust till I felt confident in my knitting skills to attempt something harder. After giving up on an adult sized sweater, I decided to rip it out and use that yarn for a couple kid sweaters. Now that I've been knitting a few years, I was up for a challenge and finally felt prepared enough to try the Wonderful Wallaby pattern.

I'm so glad I jumped right in because I am LOVING these two beautiful sweaters. I knit them in about three weeks (almost non-stop, every waking minute). I'm not the fastest knitter and I was trying something extra complicated for myself: carrying color up for the trim. (see end of post for my tips & tricks I learned along the way)

There were no YouTube videos for this tricky process, I had to make it up as I went. The green stripes were a bit of a stress on me as well. At one point I was working from both ends of three different balls of yarn. Talk about knots and confusion!

I started with the child size 6 thinking that would be big enough for my almost 6 year old. Lucky for my youngest (almost 4) the size six was more his size. After finishing the yellow, the green I made in a size 8. Both sweaters I added an inch on the length of the arms and body, plus almost 2 extra inches in the hoods.

I promised my older son a sweater by this Fall. His only question was "can it have stripes on the hood?". Since it was going to be HIS new sweater I followed his suggestion, adding stripes on the sleeves as well. I love collaborating with him, stripes hadn't even crossed my mind and I absolutely adore the result.

They've already begged me multiple times to wear these. I actually had to hide the sweaters till I could take pictures (I didn't want them getting dirty till after I got a few photos). I did, however, have to give them a small advance for modeling with happy faces. One of the two doesn't prefer his picture taken.

The new hoodies are great for sharing each others pocket and climbing trees. What more could a couple of Little Misters want?! AND they proudly say "My Marmee made it!!" whenever someone asks about the new sweaters. Makes me so happy they love it and appreciate all the hard work I put into them!

They're so super warm and cozy that I now want one too. But that is a project for another time perhaps.

**Carrying color up to create a different colored trim: Row 1: Knit (or Purl whichever the pattern calls for) with color "A" till you want to change yarn color. Knit the last stitch of color "A", adding color "B" and knit together. Continue knitting (or Purling) with color "B". Row 2: [turn work to go back towards the first color] Purl (or Knit) with color "B" till just before you reach color "A". With the first stitch of color "A" on the left needle, Pick up/ make a stitch in color "B" yarn and add it to your left needle then purl (or knit) the two stitches (one of each color) together. Continue Purling (or knitting) with color "A".

I tried picking up/ making a stitch and knitting them together every row (look at the yellow sweater you can see the picked up stitches up the trim of the hood) but found it was a much cleaner look this other way (so I used the other method on the green sweater. The picked up stitch isn't as noticeable).

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