Thursday, October 17, 2013

Giving up and trying again

Over a year ago I started knitting a sweater for myself. I finished the body pretty quickly and then started the first sleeve. I was not liking how it was turning out- I was pretty sure it was NOT going to be a good fit. So I put it away last fall. Fast forward to the end of this summer when I thought I better finish the sweater. I stitched the seams together, added the first sleeve and started knitting the second sleeve. Yuck. I just couldn't complete it- I was never going to wear it.

What was I to do now... I gave it some thought and one date night with my husband we found ourselves in a yarn store. Yup, that's my amazing husband for you- he'll venture to a craft store on date night! He helped me pick out two bold colors (a yellow and green) to use in making our little Misters new sweaters out of all this grey yarn.

I have one sweater done and the other one in the works. I can't wait to take pics and show them to the world. Here's a sneak peek of Little Man's sweater sleeve...

I'm glad I gave up, cause I'm super excited how these new sweaters are looking.

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