Monday, August 26, 2013

Make a Mess Monday: Finger Knitting

Not exactly a messy project, but it is a fun kids craft. Finger Knitting seemed easy enough to attempt with my Little Misters. Little Man is always asking me if he can knit when I am working on a yarn project myself. I looked up how to finger knit online and decided we could do that. I put one of the boys in front of me and got the yarn arranged on their fingers.

Next I explained how, starting at the pinky finger, you pull the bottom ring of yarn up & over the top ring and then off your finger. 

Little Man kept repeating "up & over, up & over, up & over" for each finger, EVERY time! So cute.

Eventually he got bored and wanted to be done. Telling me his knitting was long enough, we tied it off and finished.

He was pretty happy with his creation and carried it around with him most of the day.

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