Monday, August 12, 2013

A LEGO Party

Being "made of money" does have a certain appeal, unfortunately I am not rich. Which means I recycle and use things I have laying around the house to make things for my two young boys. Impressing a 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 year old is not terribly hard, but I still like to try my best.

When it came to planning their birthday party this year I actually thought of a theme. Both Little Misters are huge into their Lego sets. What could be better than a Legos Birthday Party!

First I created the Lego Party invites, with a little help from my Little Misters. They love making "mitch-matched" (aka 'mis-match') Lego guys, so they built fun combinations of mini figures and I took the photos. Then I asked the boys to be lego guys. I love how colorful it turned out. I printed the invites through as a 5x7 postcard. The quality was amazing and it was cheaper than printing a bunch of 5x7 photos to attach to card stock (which was how I was thinking I might make them.)

Invite Front:

Invite Back:

Then it was time to work on the Decorations for the actual party.

I created a Lego guy banner out of paper. My five year old wanted to help, so I let him write out all the letters to spell out "happy birthday" on their shirts.

We made a few things out of cardboard. First we made a Lego guy photo cut out. I drew on white poster board and then taped it to a cardboard stand up box. Stick your head through and you become a Lego guy. FUN.

Both Little Misters helped me paint a few long cardboard boxes. We thought they looked like giant Lego bricks. To make it really believable I cut cardboard circles and made the nubs on top of the brick. Turned out pretty cool.

We had a "guess how many" game with the Little Misters Mini-figures and tires. We gave away a few new series 10 mystery mini-figures as prizes to whoever was closest.

We had several kid friendly activities: Face painting, Lego coloring pages, water balloons, and playing in our new fort. But I think the squirt guns were the biggest hit.

I made each of my boys a Lego brick cake, but lets face it, I'm not much of a cake frost-er. I used a bread pan and mini muffins with their tops cut off to make the cake the right shape but the frosting got a bit crazy.

The Little Misters were extremely excited about their new LEGO guy shirts. I got really good at drawing mini-figures making the banner, so I used a sharpie & fabric markers to draw Lego guys on a couple of old shirts. They LOVED them.

Speaking of shirts I also made my husband a fun Lego shirt to wear to the party. Why?! Because I like making things for people and he wears them. He's so awesome for putting up with my handmade craziness! (this is my favorite brand of iron-on transfers and it's what I used to make his shirt)

All in all I thought it was a fun party and everything was cheap/ free to make. My Little Misters were so excited and couldn't wait for friends to arrive. I'm super happy with all the extra details that made it "Lego".

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Vuong Family said...

Love it! This is awesome. And I wish I hadn't seen it because now I have yet another mom to live up to when it comes to my kids' birthday parties! Very Cool. Nice work.