Thursday, July 25, 2013

Play Fort under construction: Phase Two

Next step was to paint the new play fort. We used exterior paint instead of stain because the price was more in the budget: cheap. Little Man documenting our supplies for the job:

Before painting:

During: Little Man painted the whole inside first coat of paint all by himself and he was SO proud! He made quite a mess of his clothes and paint all over his arms/ hands but how could I not let him help with a smile like that.

Fort paint drying and the start of the re-landscaping in progress: the green turtle sandbox was taken off my parents patio to join the play fort. This is going to be one sweet little kid zone.

Landscaping finished and the second coat of paint applied:

Also adding small finishing touches: a blue counter on the front window, a metal bucket on a hook (notice the tree). My Little Misters and their Grandmother thought the circles we cut out made nice "stepping stones" in the wood chips. They also use them as pennies for change when they play "Store".

Next up: putting on the roof...

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