Thursday, July 18, 2013

Play Fort under construction: Phase One

My Father has a storage shed with a LOT of extra wood, some little scraps and some a bit bigger. He told me I could use anything I found in said shed to build his grandchildren a fun play house. With a bit of Pinterest inspiration, I started cutting pieces out. 

My five year old helped with sanding and sorting out the right sized screws. It took about two days to get all the wood hodge podged together. Then it was time to assemble!

While the youngest napped, Little Man and I prepared the build site. We leveled the area and then put big stones/ blocks for the structure to sit on, helping prevent rot. Then my wonderful husband helped with assembly. My Little Misters were beyond excited and played in it all afternoon. They can't wait to show it to their cousins. 

My five year old took these last two photos. The fort is approximately four feet square. The wall with several circles on it is 3/4 inch plywood and has already been used as a climbing wall. We love all the windows, it's nice and breezy when you play inside. Next up Painting and putting on the roof!

To be continued...

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