Monday, May 20, 2013

Gelato & Waffle Cones

Since we loved our daily gelato fix while traveling in Italy, I attempted to recreate one of my favorite Gelato flavors. The Gelateria called it Ambrosia, but my youngest calls it "sugar & cream". Either way it's delicious. My Mother has an ice cream maker that we used, so while it's not exactly gelato- it is only three ingredients and three steps to a yummy treat.

Sugar is optional- if you prefer sugarless. I love it with sugar as it tasted more like the Ambrosia Gelato from Italy. The Little Misters will eat it with or without sugar, especially in a homemade waffle cone.

Speaking of Waffle cones...I found a yummy recipe online but I don't own a waffle cone iron. Enter my Mother to the rescue again. She had a KrumKake iron, slightly smaller than a waffle cone iron but works just the same.

My Mother and I spent a wonderful time in the kitchen together making these cute mini Waffle cones. I worked the KrumKake Iron and she got in the groove rolling the cones. She even figured out how to pinch the ends to contain melting gelato.

Now doesn't that love Heavenly?!

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Anthony Gjorvad said...

Until this year the gelato at the state fair was excellent, but they have decided to retire and will not be there this year. I am going to miss that gelato.