Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Albums

I wanted to get photos off my computer and into a book that I could share. I loved how my travel journal turned out, so I decided to use Blurb again to make a few more books.

The first book I wanted to make was for my Little Misters. One book for every year of their lives seemed a little daunting since my oldest was already 5 years old. Instead I opted for one family book for those fives years. Starting with the birth of my firstborn in early 2008 to this past Christmas 2012.

My young sons LOVE having a book to flip through, seeing their younger selves. It's so fun to be able to look through all our past adventures and see all our family photos so easily.


I wanted to keep the same look for both books. For the first family album I made a word cloud of positive things I hope to teach my sons. On the second books cover I used the same looking word cloud but changed it to places we visited in Italy and the different transportation we took through out the trip. 

Our Italy travel album is a larger book in size as well as pages, 240 pages in total. I think I managed to squeeze over 700 photos into it. Yup, I took a LOT of photos during our two month trip. In addition to the photos, I included text: my daily journal entries to help complete the story of our trip. And I'm so very glad that we can flip through our new Italy album to re-live the adventure.

Hooray for getting family photos off my computer and into our hands. I treasure every moment I can get with my family and I can't wait for these new books to make their permanent home on our bookshelf for future flipping.

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