Monday, May 27, 2013

Animal Costumes

A couple of Halloween's ago I made my Little Misters their woodland creatures costumes. The Skunk costume for my youngest was quickly outgrown, but I pulled the fox costume out the other day and it still fits my oldest (well almost).

The Little Misters have been dressing up in costumes whenever we go to friends houses for playdates. Mostly princess or marvel comic book characters, depending on weather our friends have girls or boys. Since they've been enjoying it, I thought it was a good time to make some additional dress up clothes for our own playroom.

I'm not opposed to popular characters from movies and TV shows, we just try to limit the media influence in our home. So instead I asked my Oldest what kind of costume he'd like me to make. His answer was "a grey wolf". Alright- perfect... not to different from the red fox.

After making the wolf costume, I wanted to try my hand at a Lion. I thought it would be super cute. Turns out, it totally is!!

I made both these costumes in a bigger size- something in the range of a 6-7 size. Hopefully they'll last till they are outgrown.

The boys are so excited, even the youngest wants to wear them (it's a bit big, but we just roll up the cuffs.)

Now we're off to the woods and/ or jungle for play time.

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