Sunday, April 21, 2013

out of "retirement"

I offered to make wedding invitations for my father-in-law's upcoming wedding. While I was cutting paper this afternoon I felt like I was coming out of retirement because it's been so long since I made invitations or cards.

I made about 45 invites for them, it'll be a small wedding. The Bride and Groom pretty much gave me free reign on colors and design. The bride did tell me the flowers were pink, to match the pink flowers on her dress. I'm not a huge fan of pink, so I was excited when I saw these grey envelopes. I thought they complimented the pink nicely, making the invites less over the top girly.

To add a bit of fancy, I used textured paper to print them on. I love the grey "love" on the pink back of the invites. I hope my father-in-law and his bride like them.  I forgot just how much I enjoy myself putting paper projects together and stuffing envelopes.

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