Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knitting in Italy

While packing my suitcase for our two month trip to Italy I attempted to think crafting tools to take with as space was very limited. I knew there would be an occasionally bit of downtime (possibly during one of many flights) to find time to craft something. All I could think to bring were two knitting needles and a couple of photocopied patterns; along with one whole skein of yarn and a small unfinished project.

I had this hat nearly complete before I left but brought it with to finish it and be able to wear it while exploring the beautiful city of Florence. I've made several attempts in the past to make a hat for myself but am never quite satisfied with the fit. I am loving my new hat- this one is pretty perfect.

Then, using the brown skein of yarn I brought with I decided I'd knit a new Pointy Elf Hat for Little Mister. I made the child/small adult size this time because the orange toddler size one was getting a bit snug.

With a solid brown one complete, I thought I'd finish up the skein and make a second hat. My Best friend had told me before we left that she'd love a elf hat for her youngest. Well, looking at what was left of the brown I thought I better add stripes to this second hat, using the last of the blue from my own hat. Good thing I did because their was just enough of both to get to the end. Only an inch or two to spare. Whew!

Kind of glad I used both colors- I love the stripes and so does Little Man. He's already taken the striped one as his own and put the brown one away for his friend (my best friends son). My boys being silly modeling the finish projects.

Happily I can say these were both handmade in Italy. Now I'm off to find a yarn store...

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