Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bags, Bags. Bags...

I was in need of a little carrying a few cosmetic items of mine. Never had a makeup bag- much less needed one. But thought it wouldn't hurt to bring along a couple things on our trip.

I guess I got a bit carried away making bags, while my sister took my sons on an overnight. Me alone with my empty house and sewing machine means I can get things done uninterrupted. Exciting times!

First I made my husband a toiletry bag for his razor and deodorant. I even managed a few interior pockets, though they didn't turn out quite right. I followed a pattern in a sewing book I own. THEN I found a boxy pouch tutorial on Pinterest that looked a little easier.

Turns out it was. Very easy. Liked this cute mini bag that I made a second slightly bigger bag (the leaf one pictured above.) Super excited. All the bags cost me the price of the zippers (about $2 each). Can't beat that for a cheap and handy little pouch.

Plus it keeps all my things nice and tidy, all in one place.

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