Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Favorite: Monkey Bread

My mom makes a mean monkey bread. Most years it's a Christmas morning treat to wake up to the smell of that wonderful cinnamon sugar sweet bread. Of course the other day when I went to make it I found our top secret family recipe right on the tube of biscuits. I wonder how they found out mom's special recipe!

Well here's how we make it in our family:

The tubes of buttermilk biscuits usually come in a four pack. The recipe only calls for three tubes. You could toss the forth tube into the pan if you want a bigger batch. Or go ahead and make the country biscuits for dinner. OR I found that the last tube can be used to make about three individual sized serving. Cut the recipe in thirds and use pint sized canning jars for a special treat all for yourself! 

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