Friday, November 2, 2012

The Whole Neverland Gang

As promised... photos of the whole Neverland Gang:

My Sisters and I made all these lovely Halloween costumes for our small children. We went with a "Peter Pan" theme. With all this cuteness I'd never want to grow up either!

My Younger Sister went to Hawaii to visit my older sister, who makes princess costumes on Etsy. While there they worked on the Crocodile and Tinker Bell Costumes. I love the ticking clock treat bucket my younger sister made with a bit of felt and paint. 

I offered to make the Peter Pan costume cause I thought it would be easy. My twin sister bought the green felt and came over to my house. The tunic went together in about 15 minutes. The hat was harder, thank goodness for goggle. I did a quick internet search and came across a pattern. My first try failed, but the second time worked out just fine. Total cost of the Peter Pan costume was $1.50. Can't beat that!

Then it was three days before Halloween and my husband asked if he was getting a pirate coat. I thought he was joking, but apparently I was wrong. So I went to the store to get more fabric. Somehow managed to piece together an adult sized red Captain Hook coat. Thankfully it fit (for the more part) and he proudly wore it treat or treating with the Little Misters.

I also added a bit of gold detailing to the boys pirate coats. Little Man saw my gold thread in my stash and kept telling me the costume needed gold. I aim to please, so while I was at the fabric store I grabbed some gold cord. I stayed up late hand stitching it to the coats and he was SUPER excited to see the added touches. Smile!

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