Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Primary Colored Backpacks

My family will soon be on a grand adventure, traveling internationally for a few months and I knew the little misters would probably need backpacks or carry-ons. As I started looking I realized kids backpacks were pretty expensive and I didn't like the options out there.

It had been more than 6 months since I used my sewing machine, so I decided I'd make the boys their own backpacks. I already had Yellow fabric and the owl fabric (one of my favorites) to make the first bag for my youngest. The interior is owls and I added a water bottle pocket on the inside. I asked the lady at my local mom & pop fabric store for a little advice- she pointed me to canvas to layer between the cotton fabrics. It helps make the bags sturdier, I would highly recommend it.

I figured these would make really good Christmas presents, and I knew my nephew would find this really nice for overnights with his Aunt Meg (that's me!). The blue one with helicopters on the inside is for him (shhh... don't tell!). This bag did not get an interior pocket, and I used a slightly different method (zig-zaging the seams verses trying to make them invisible which I did on the yellow bag).

The zig-zag stitching raw edges method worked much better than the way I threw the yellow bag together, so I used the same technique on the red bag.  I found a super awesome map fabric to use with the red. I loved it so much I threw together a new pair of PJ/ travel pants with bright red flannel pockets for Little Man. My youngest is now big enough to fit the old Owl pants I made a while ago, which match his yellow backpack.

The little misters are super excited, but I took them away to hide them till Christmas. I think we'll get a lot of good use out of these and the boys can be big helpers carrying some of their own things on our travels. The added cool part is I had a suede material sample which was just big enough to use for the bottom of both the red & yellow bag. That should help stand the test of time!

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