Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yo ho! a Pirate's life for me

The Little Misters are going to be Pirates for Halloween. They're an abstract (non- Disney) version of Captain Hook and Smee from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

I made their coats out of 2 yards of black corduroy. A total of $8.50 for both jackets. The other fabric for the sashes and lapels were scraps in my stash I pieced together.

Turns out Daddy and Marmee's everyday belts also double as pirate accessories. The brown pirate hat we bought, it was the most expensive piece to the costumes. If I have time I might make pirate pants and felt boots, but if I don't I think they look pretty good without it.

My niece and Nephews will be Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the crocodile to add to the theme. Last year my sister's and I did woodland creature outfits. It worker out so well we decided to continue the themed costumes. The bonus is we don't all have to be together in a group to make it work- we broke it out per family. We're the pirates, my younger sister has the croc & tinker and my twin sister has Peter Pan. I hope to get a big group photo soon.

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Gammlemor/Gammlefar said...

Danya is Wendy and Katriel is Tiger Lily to add to the group. We have pictures of them also.